Information for Potential Clients

We help those over fifteen who have a physical disability which impairs their movement and their ability to perform tasks such as picking up dropped objects, opening and shutting doors, finding articles which have been mislaid, putting washing in the machine, taking it out, placing articles where required, fetching help and many other tasks.

The dogs also simply with their presence give reassurance, confidence and independence to their owners.

Please have a look at the eligibility criteria document and fill in the form at the bottom of this page.

Availability and More Information



East Yorkshire - Hull

Powys - Llanbister 

In order for you to be considered you should live within approximately 30 minutes travel of the town, this is to keep the costs of travel and expenses to a minimum. It will be on a ‘first come first served basis’.

The only way to be considered is to complete the form; we will acknowledge receipt by email. This does not guarantee that you will be accepted as an initial assessment of suitability will need to take place. 

Completing the form does not mean that you are a client of Dog A.I.D. this will only be possible when all paperwork and assessments have been completed satisfactorily. 

We are still recruiting new trainers across the country and will add to the list when we can.

Register your interest:

*Please make sure you have read the eligiblity criteria before registering your interest.