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Steve Leonard BVSc MRCVS

In 2009 Steve  joined as a patron. He has a special interest in the relationship between dogs and humans.......


"Dogs and humans are ideal companions with a history that goes back thousands of years. This relationship is so much deeper than we realise and benefits both parties in so many ways. With a little training dogs can provide support and care to their owners that cannot be rivalled and they will do it with a dedication and willing that is rooted in the amazing devotion that exists between them and their owners."

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Roger Jefcoate CBE, DL

Roger has been at the forefront of developing technologies to enhance people with disabilities quality of life. He has been involved with and actively supported several disabled causes.

He co founded Canine Partners and Medical Detection Dogs, charities that train assistance dogs for individuals with physical disabilities and medical conditions. He was also instrumental in establishing the Paralympic Games.