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How Dog A.I.D. works

Once a potential client has completed their application, they will be added to a waiting list for a trainers. When one becomes available in that area, Dog A.I.D. pairs each new client with an approved personal dog trainer.


The client is then coached to train their pet dog using modern, safe, reward-based methods of dog training. The training usually takes place at the client’s home and in their local environment; occasionally it may be appropriate for the client to attend classes held by their trainer.


Using the bond which already exists between the client and their dog, the trainer is able to leave them to practise what they’ve learned until the next appointment.  This strengthens the bond and gives the client confidence and a real sense of achievement.


The success of the scheme relies on the commitment of the client to continue and practise on a daily basis. Daily training ensures that the dog is learning at it’s own pace whilst being a constant companion to the client.


The client and dog team will be assessed three times during their work to become a fully qualified team, and this process can take between 1 and 2 years, depending on their  prior training experience, and the time and effort they devote to their training.


To support the administration costs of Dog A.I.D. the charity relies on clients, patrons and supporters for fundraising and sponsorship.