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History of Dog A.I.D.

1992  In 1992 a pilot scheme was set up in the Midlands and so Dog A.I.D. was born.


1994  In 1994 the first 2 teams were qualified to Assistance Level. The official launch took place at Crufts in 1996.


2002  Through various changes over the year Dog AID became more professional and in 2003 became a registered charity.


2007  In 2007 Dog AID joined the umbrella group Assistance Dogs UK as provisional members.


2009  Full membership of Assistance Dogs UK was awarded in 2009 after an assessment of all paperwork and a practical demonstration of our practices.


Now we give demonstrations of the work we do at many shows around the country, including the dog event of the year; Crufts. Our demonstrations allow you to see some of the things dogs can be trained to do to become vital assistants to people with a variety of disabilities.  

Dog A.I.D. is based on the successful American organisation called Top Dog. The original idea of the scheme was to help people with physical disabilities train their own pet dogs.


Internationally acclaimed behaviourist, John Rogerson, together with co-founder, Dolores Palmer, are responsible for adapting this idea for the needs of people with physical disabilities in the UK.

DA at crufts