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Becoming A Client







All enquiries are taken through this website only. 

Those wishing to be considered for training with their dog will have to complete the form that is visible when we are taking on new clients. These enquiries will be reviewed on a monthly basis in strict date rotation. We will send a confirmation, by email, that we have received your enquiry. If we have a trainer available in your area you will be contacted. If we do not we will endeavour to give you some advice on where to access some basic training and what to do next.


Eligibility Criteria


A Dog A.I.D. client must be 15 years of age or over with a physical disability which impacts on their mobility and their ability to perform daily tasks such as:

  • Picking up dropped objects

  • Opening and shutting doors

  • Finding articles which have been mislaid

  • Putting washing in and removing from the machine

  • Placing articles where required

  • Fetching help

Any other task that helps to mitigate the persons disability.


The dog must be less than 5 years of age.


N.B. Dog A.I.D. does NOT train dogs to assist with mental impairment, autism or seizure alert for those with epilepsy.

Nor do we accept clients with hearing impairment unless they have another significant physical disability. 


Who can Dog A.I.D. help?

We help those over fifteen who have a physical disability which impairs their movement and their ability to perform tasks such as picking up dropped objects, opening and shutting doors, finding articles which have been mislaid, putting washing in the machine, taking it out, placing articles where required, fetching help and many other tasks that mitigate the persons disability.

The dogs also simply with their presence give reassurance, confidence and independence to their owners.

We do not at the present time have the resources to help those with mental impairment, autism, or those with epilepsy who require a seizure alert dog, nor do we accept clients with hearing impairment unless they have another significant physical disability.

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